9 Sports to Lose Weight

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Sports that can Help You Achieve your Weight go

Losing or maintaining weight – both situations are pretty demanding! You not only have to watch what goes in your mouth but also make a conscious effort to get some exercise daily. When you break some sweat through any physical activity, you not only burn calories but you also ensure that your body stays strong, healthy and flexible. We all desire that, we all aspire to achieve that. If for some reasons, you are not big on hitting gym or work with a trainer you can always turn to other forms of physical activity. Sports – for instance are a great way to have some fun and break some sweat. You can take an hour out of your schedule each day to refresh your mind and soul by engaging in a sport that not only brings you happiness but could also help you achieve your weight goals.

#1 Swimming  

An hour of swimming can burn down around 900 calories and to think this is actually considered a low impact body work out! One of the best things about swimming is that it’s exciting and delightful. You don’t need a partner to form an entire team and it also doesn’t get boring like some fitness regimens in a closed gym can get. Swimming engages your entire body so you shed overall weight. In terms of gear you just need one great swimsuit, swimming goggles and your local swimming pool.

#2 Running  

An hour of running can burn 800-900 calories depending on your current body weight, running is one of the quickest ways to increase your fitness, shed some extra pounds and get in your best physical form. A good pair of sneakers and an electronic fitness device to calculate your heart rate is all you need to start your running routine. Mornings are the best times to go for a run because the fresh morning breeze cleanses your system; refreshes your mind; and elevates your spirits.

#3 Rock Climbing  

An hour of rock climbing can burn around 600+ calories. Now, rock climbing may come across as a macho and a tiny bit intimidating sport for the first-timers but it’s actually pretty fun when you have good company. It doesn’t make you sweat overall but also a great way to get some resistance training exercises. You do need proper rock climbing equipment including climbing shoes and a harness. Give the indoor rock gyms a test try at first to see if this is something you enjoy investing your time in.

#4 Taekwondo  

An hour of taekwondo burns almost 800 calories. Taekwondo – originally is Korean martial arts that has gained immense popularity globally in recent times.An hour long of taekwondo routine would involve dynamic drills of punching and kicking that would aid you in strengthening your core and build your stamina. It’s a great combination of cardio and strength training that shreds your body while toning it simultaneously. If you’re desperate to get in shape quicker, this might be the most suitable fitness sport for you.

#5 Kickboxing

An hour of kickboxing burns around 770 calories. Kickboxing is another great way of learning self-defense while breaking a sweat and achieve fitness as an added perk. Kickboxing engages your entire body muscles; it works your core, arms, shoulders, legs and glutes. It’s a wonderful way to increase your stamina and improve your cardiovascular health. You can even device a personalized fitness sports routine for you involving kickboxing, running and cycling. Jillian Michaels – America’s toughest fitness trainer is one of the greatest advocates of kickboxing. If you really want to rip yourself in a month or so, kickboxing is the sport for you.

#6 Basketball  

An hour of playing basketball can reduce around 700 calories. A little something for those of you who are a little competitive when it comes to sports and can use their competitiveness as a motivation to achieve their fitness goals. Basketball is an excellent sport to chill, relax, burn some fat, make some friends and tone your arms and legs muscles. Keep your weekends exclusively for your basketball!

#7 Tennis  

An hour of playing tennis can burn almost 400 calories. From time immemorial tennis is the most coveted recreational physical activity deemed fit for all generations. It’s a wonderful way to bond with your family or friend and an excellent source of attaining physical fitness. Tennis increases your strength and agility. It’s particularly helpful if you’re looking for upper body workouts and ways to tone your biceps and shoulders.

#8 Cross Country Skiing  

An hour of cross country skiing can burn around 850 calories. One of the most popular Nordic sports, cross country skiing is a tremendous way to instil some thrill and excitement to your life. You can be vacationing away and lose some weight, build some muscle and tone your body. Being up there in fresh air, you get to clear your head and get rid of any anxiety and stress. It provides an excellent cardio opportunity to burn some fat while enhancing your endurance.

#8 Ice Skating  

An hour of ice skating helps you burn approximately 650 calories. Are you looking for fun ways to shape and tone your lower body? Ice Skating, actually is a wonderful way to get some cardio done with a special focus towards your legs muscles. It gets your heart rate up while toning your lower body muscles. All you need is access to a nice ring and skate your heart away!

#9 Cycling  


 An hour of cycling can help your burn around 500 calories. Cycling and fitness goes way way back! Earlier on, riding a bike was just a way to reach somewhere; to commute; to travel. There’s a reason why these days stationary bikes are one of the most bought at-home gym equipment in America. Cycling is a great over-all body workout but it specially targets your core muscles, thighs and legs. It also helps you maintain your pasture and builds up your strength. Studies have shown cycling even help one sleep better at nights so there’s this additional bonus to it as well.