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Prevent Heart Diseases

Heart disease is the leading killer of Americans. That should make you stop in your tracks and pay attention to what steps you can take to help prevent heart disease. Let’s look at some strategies that don’t involve medication.

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Control and Prevent Diabetes

Can proper diet & exercise really help to reverse diabetes? That’s the contention of a notable and famed author, publisher, speaker, and doctor, Dr. Mercola. You’re not totally helpless to deal with your diabetes all on your own.

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Cancer-Prevention Tips

Nearly 13 million people a year are diagnosed with cancer around the world. It’s the second leading cause of death in the US. Heart disease is the only thing that kills more Americans than cancer. It kills 500,000 Americans each year.

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Are Your Ears Ringing?

Years before they reach retirement age, senior citizens often begin thinking about the “golden years.” And, while they ponder heart disease, hypertension, arthritis & problems with their eyes, one particular disease often escapes their attention: tinnitus

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Immunization & Vaccine

We are starting to see recurrences of diseases that we believed were almost totally eliminated from the public eye, like measles, because some churches and homeschoolers are refusing vaccines on religious or anti-government grounds.

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Heart Disease: Risk Factors

Unless you’ve been sequestered from television news and social media, you probably know that heart disease is the leading killer in the U.S., responsible for killing over 800,000 people a year. That’s more people than cancer and chronic lower respiratory.