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Control and Prevent Diabetes

Can proper diet & exercise really help to reverse diabetes? That’s the contention of a notable and famed author, publisher, speaker, and doctor, Dr. Mercola. You’re not totally helpless to deal with your diabetes all on your own.

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Natural Supplements For Your Marathon Training

Training for a marathon, especially doing so on your own, can be one of, if not the most challenging experiences of your life. Unfortunately, there's a market for life challenges & supplement companies just love a marathon runner- some, not in a good way.

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Importance of Immunization and Flu Vaccine

We are starting to see recurrences of diseases that we believed were almost totally eliminated from the public eye, like measles, because some churches and homeschoolers are refusing vaccines on religious or anti-government grounds.

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Health Concerns of Outdoor Exercises

​Once upon a time in my college days, I was planning on spending an afternoon after class in my dorm and reading a fiction book. Then I discovered that the day was just too beautiful to waste it away indoors, no matter how much I liked reading.

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What to Do About Those Dark Circles

​Insecurities are a very real detail of life, and they can come in a number of forms. But when your number-one insecurity happens to be right on your face, it can escalate into something that can severely damage your confidence throughout your day.

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Dental Health: The Good and Bad of Oil Pulling

​The Internet is full of tips and tricks to help you with a variety of health concerns, and dental health is no different. There are plenty of sites ready to wave new information in front of you—whether valid or not—about how you can make a toothpaste